*Mimi in Panty Wonderland


did mimi get a spanking from her daddy because she was a bad girl?

Sometimes PAPA spank me because I was a bad girl.
But most of the time , it because I was TOO CUTE ,TOO GOOD that he just couldn’t help to let my butt turn red.
And other times, PAPA spank me for his work, he said mimi’s red butt could inspire his creation. “You are my muse” He whispered to me.

very beautiful body and fetish but the photo are very bad quality ... sorry but it's true, you need to upgrade your photo technology !!!


HAHAHA, I can’t agree you more!! But it’s too effortless using a mobile phone to take a shot, and can send pic-message to PAPA immediately ! :P

nice marks and plug... very nice

Thank you <3

Me after a severe caning from PAPA.

Befor punishment…

Waiting for PAPA.